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Stepping stones school was established in 1999 as a preparatory school for Crescent Model School and since then has seen a tremendous growth by gaining the confidence of pupils their parents and the community. The School has successfully buildup classes from pre – Nursery to Level X, preparing students for our local matriculation system. The school is also known as one of the leading schools for preparing children for admission test of Crescent Model School and has been showing excellent results since its first batch of students, the parents have entrusted their trust by bringing their other children to the school and recommending the school to their family and friends, in fact our students and their parents are the best ambassadors of our school. Lately, the parents have been persuading us to upgrade the school up to Matriculation, which shows their confidence and respect for our commitment of providing quality education to the young children.

A few of our strengths are:
  1. First and foremost, we approach each student as an individual, understanding s/he has unique needs that may require unique solutions to maximize his or her academic, social and emotional development.
  2. Well researched and correctly laid down syllabus, that enhances the curiosity and intelligence in the pupils.
  3. Educating Quran and essential duas through a professional Qari.
  4. Education aimed at developing pupil’s entire potential.
  5. An educational programme (by giving separate period) guided to inculcate ethical values, teaches self respect and respect for others, development of pupil’s confidence, initiative, independence, leadership qualities and mannerism.
  6. Individualized pupil support, with student to teacher ratio of 12:1.
  7. An environment in which pupils acquire competence in English language by reading, talking and listening.
  8. Emphasising on spellings, tenses, mental math and reading which we believe are the basis of education and by doing that ensure that our pupils meet all the challenges that come in their way.
  9. A constructive partnership with parents.