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  • Admission Procedure

Parents wishing to admit their child should first register him/her for an admission test by completing the prescribed Registration Form at the school office and receiving an appointment for the test and interview. The parents can register their child at any time of the year.

  • Registration Fee

A non-refundable fee according to the fee structure is payable by the parents at the time of registration.

  • Admission Form

The parents fill in an admission form at the school. All information concerning the application given on the admission form should be correct. It will not be possible to modify it later. The parents must read the clauses written at the back of the admission form and must sign it.

  • Age Groups

Following are the Age Groups that determine the class of the child.

Age Group
Pre Nursery
2 1/2+ to 3
3+ to 4
4+ to 5
Level I
5+ to 6
Level II
6+ to 7
Level III
7+ to 8
Level IV
8+ to 9
Level V
9+ to 10
Level VI
10+ to 11
Level VII
11+ to 12
Level VIII
12+ to 13
Level IX
13+ to 14
Level X
14+ to 15
  • Date of Birth Assessment

The class for which a child will be tested is determined by his/her age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought.

  • General Rules:

  1. Registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission.
  2. Admission is subject to getting through an admission test, an interview, availability of seat and payment of admission fee bill on or before the due date.
  3. The school reserves the right to place your child in the Year level deemed to be the most appropriate for him/her.
  4. Admission is granted to the child provided that the conditions outlined in the school broacher/handout/prospectus/rules and the school regulations are observed.
  5. Admission formalities should be completed no later than the date given by the school. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of the admission and the vacancy being offered to the next candidate on the merit list. Similarly, once the admission fee bill has been received by the parents/guardian, payment must be made by the date specified on the bill.

  • Admission Test

After registering the child, the parents bring their child to school for admission test. An admission test is taken on the date and time given on the appointment slip.

  • Pre-Nursery - Kindergarten

For Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Kindergarten classes, an informal individual assessment is made, combined with an interview with the parents. It is very important that both parents attend unless there are extenuating circumstances, of which the Principal should be informed. Generally, the reading level of the child, the vocabulary and concepts of colours and numbers, the confidence, the level of spoken and understanding English and motor skills are assessed.

  • Level I – Onwards

Applicants are required to sit in a written test in three subjects: English, Urdu and Mathematics. Applicants for Level VI and above are required to sit in a written test in four subjects: English, Urdu, Mathematics, and Science. The pass percentage is 50%. Duration of each paper is normally 30 minutes. An applicant should come properly prepared with a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener and a ruler. The test papers are not set from any particular textbooks or syllabuses but are of a general nature designed to assess the attainment level of the child. In addition to the test, the Principal will conduct a formal interview with both parents, unless there are extenuating circumstances of which the Principal should be informed.

  • General Rules of Test
Parents must bring the child on time.

Parents may not be shown the test papers, as these are confidential, but they may be informed of the percentage obtained by their child in each paper. A candidate caught cheating during the admission test will not be eligible for admission. The names of selected candidates will be displayed on the school notice board on a given date or conveyed over the phone. Merit will be the sole criterion for admission. The decision of the school regarding admission cannot be challenged in any way and shall be final. Documents to be submitted by the Parents Parents must bring the following on their visit, after the name of the child appears in the merit list. Admission remains provisional and is not confirmed

  • unless the following documents are produced:

  1. Copy of the Birth Certificate.
  2. Two passport-size photographs.
  3. Report Card and School Leaving Certificate from the previous school (if any).
  4. Copy of father’s NIC.
  5. Copy of mother’s NIC.
  6. Copy of paid Admission Fee Bill.